Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wormit Farm to St Fort Home Farm

Route Points: Wormit Farm, St Fort Home Farm
Route Type: Track and Farm Road
Access Type: Right of Way

Route Access:
Wormit Farm: At Wormit Farm follow track on East Side of Road. Scotways sign present.
St Fort: Follow mainline of road to woods where at a break in the wall a trail leads into the field.

At Wormit Farm cross the road and follow the track to Paterson's yard
At the yard the footpath can be seen leading up the hill, it disolves to a narrow grass track, follow the footpath sign to avoid the first field that leads into the field edges further up, a track can be followed round the field edges to a stile over the fence where a trail is hacked through the bracken to the farm road.


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