Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watersone Crook to Kirk Road Newport

Route Points: Waterstone Crook, Kirk Road, Various pointsin Newport, see map.
Route Type: Former Railway
Access Type: Status unknown

Route Access:
Waterstone Crook: At road side of Carpark spot the path leading between house and garage. This is the former path to the East Station, most of the railway line has been developed in Newport so this is a bit more interesting.

On Kirk Road before entering the town there is a gap in the wall on the Berry's Den side (sadly the old railway bridge through Berry's den has been removes as that would have been a cracking viewpoint on the nature trail.

Pick up station path leading through to West Station, continue on path to steps up to Kirk Road.
This includes a wee kink under the road overbridge at the garages.
It can be easy to lose the path here.


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