Saturday, November 26, 2011

Outer Fife: Glen Tanar and the Dee

First "Outer Fife" route, with these I will post the full ride I did with any obvious alternatives.

Route Points: Glen Tanar, Cambus o' May, Dinnet
Route Type: Land Rover Tracks, Converted Railway and Public Roads
Access Type: Land Reform Act

Route Access:
Glen Tanar: Park at the Estate Car Park and head into the Glen.
Cambus O' May: Join the loop anywhere around here really.
Dinnet: Head towards the South Deeside road.

Starting at the Car Park in Glen Tanar either head into the Glen and onto the estate roads or go slightly back towards Aboyne and pick up the bridge across the river and turn right following paths along the river bank, this eventually leads to an estate road and onto 2 bridges, you can use either to get back across the river and onto the estate road throguh Glen Tanar. Failing to recross the river will result in you crossing the Mounth to the bakc of Kirriemuir which really isn't recomended.

Follow the Estate road past the Halfway Hut and after a while the clean road out to Mount Keen will turn to the left while a rougher road runs straight ahead, following this rougher road you will have a strenuous climb to the Black Moss, there is a house access after a short while on one of the hairpins.

Once you have got to the summit of the route at around 575m mark you are provided with a cracking 100m descent on rough trail passing the Black Moss Loch to a gate. Over the gate and in a little while you will plunge down the mountainside to the public road at Tombae.

At Tombae turn left and take the public road to a house access in around 1.5km.
This leads to a path along the river side to the Cambus O' May Suspension bridge.

Cross the suspension bridge and take the railway line to Dinnet, when you reach the public road at Dinnet turn right and cross the Dee.
Over the bridge there are a number of route options, including straight into the forest and follow the green signs.

Taking a left turn here follow the road until you reach a track with hosue signs for Oldhall and Tillycairn.
Follow this track up the hill (the path fro mthe junction meets on this climb at a green sign).

Stick on this track until taking the straightahead route jsut before Tillycairn, this clibms a bit more before descending to a cross roads with the public road.

You can again choose your route, either straight on through the forest and down t othe car park or as we did turn left and descend rapidly on the tarred public road to the junction with the road through Glen Tanar, turn right and in a short distance you will be back at the car park.


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