Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scotscraig to Newport Road Via Serpentine

Route Points: Scotscraig Washer Willy's Access, Harelaw, Serpentine, Newport Road
Route Type: Estate Road
Access Type: Land Reform Act

Route Access:
Washer Willy's: After the drop/Before the climb in the road from Chesterhill a gated road leads up into the estate.
Newport Road: At the old level crossing car park head towards tayport on the road a short distance, Gated farm access on LAndward side of road leads up Harelaw on Serpentine Avenue

At the gated entrance in Washer Willy's climb the road up hill, follow the obvious road up over Harelaw, the hill will get progressivley steeper towards a junction where the road bears to the right with a field access on the left and a rougher track straight ahead, follow the rougher track down the hill to Newport Road.


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