Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ballinreich to Glenduckie

Route Points: Ballinbreich, Coastal Path Junction, Glenduckie
Route Type: Farm Track, Quagmire Track, Wide Field Edge.
Access Type: Right of Way

Route Access:
Ballinbreich: About halfway on road between Hazleton Walls and Newburgh, Ballinbreich Castle and House are towards coast, on hill side is steep farm track up to Bankside with Scotways Finger Post
Coastal Path Junction: New Coastal path route crosses on the hill top.
Glenduckie: On road to Glenduckie find Scotways Fingerpost to Ballinbreich.

From Ballinbreich climb relentlessly up past wood access on hairpin and through curtilage of house, here a small Scotways marker points you on a quagmire of a path into the field.
Path is clear through here and eventually comes to a junction with the coastal path. THis can be used to get to Newburgh via Old Higham (go west) or for another route down to Glenduckie (go east).
Follow the track along the field edge and it turns into a rough farm track for a fast descent into the village.

From Glenduckie you can either climb Glenduckie Hill, pick up a Right of way to Newburgh or follow the Right of way to Ayton and split off on the Coastal path up Norman's Law.

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