Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wormit Bay to Balmerino : Inland

Route Points: Wormit Bay, Peacehill Farm, Killburns, Naughton, Bottomcraig, Balmerino
Route Type: Right of Way

Route Access:
Wormit: At Wormit Bay follow farm track running South next to Wormit House, Scottish Right of Way Society signage.
Balmerino: Follow road to Kirkton of Balmerino and pass through Gate next to the bridge, wooden signpost indicating route to Gauldry.

From Wormit Bay follow the farm track next to Wormit House into Wormit Den, pass stile the stile on the left and enter field, pick route according to crops, climb hill Westwards and Peacehill farm will be visible. Follow field edge or follow tractor trails to gate into grassy field and onto concrete farmyard.

Pass sheds on left and onto gravel road, Scottish right of wayt society sign is at edge of shed at top oif hill, follow road to Kilburns by passing between house on Left and yard on Right.
Road has a moderate surface and will drop past some more houses.

Follow road to Kilburn Cottages where road takes sharp left up steep hill, at top of hill continue on road as it bends left and then right for drop to Naughton Castle, at castle junction take route to the right passing castle remains to a T-Junction.

T Left to Naughton Farm and follow route between shed and trees (I regularly get this wrong and land at the road) . Follow grass track to private road and past houses on left, at end of road the path enters the woods.

After woods track opens into field, continue in same direction until reaching the road where a wooden sign points the route to Balmerino through the woods, follow route through these woods into an area of scrubland next to the burn.  The path takes you up to the road at the bridge.

Turn Left over bridge to find Balmerino.

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