Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gauldry to Kilmany via Shambleton Woods

Route Points: Gauldry, Gauldry-Kilmany Road (See other post)
Route Type: Single Track
Access Type: Right of Way/ Land Reform Act

Route Access:
In Gauldry just along from the Kilmany road junction there is a path don behind some houses, this leads if followed back out to the road but a little further on. At the apex of this curve there is a path leading down to a field.

Gauldry - Kilmany Road: When Dandies Wood dissappears on the left (if descending) the wood on the right is Shambleton Woods, no clear route over the fence/wall was found by me but the worn paths should be findable, head on routes North West to get to the other side.

From the path in Gauldry the route descends along a field edge before climbing to Shanbleton woods on the left, although the OS show a route descending to Wester Kimany Farm I did not see this althoguh it could just be tractor trails throguh the fields as they may be worked by that farm. A path into Shambleton woods is clear throguh the wall and follow this on single track through the woods, the route undulates a fair bit and some speed can be got up but watch for small quagmires and large fallen brances. You will eventually find yourself at the wall with the Kilmany road on the other side. Clamber over the wall or through the fence and hit the road.


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