Monday, November 21, 2011

Straiton to St Michaels

Route Points: North Straiton Farm, St Michaels, Lucklaw Hill
Route Type: Farm Roads
Access Type: Land Reform Act

Route Access:
North Straiton Farm: Access from any route.
St Michaels: Not strictly in St Mikes there is a road on the right a few hundred meters in from the main junction. The main road is reasonably busy.
Lucklaw Hill: This route takes in some "Yellow" road which is the access from Balmullo/St Michaels.

Fron North Straiton the road drops steeply before climbing the same height again to South Straiton, turn left and descend again to the public road (not obvious), a road then leads off on the left, follow this down past St Michaels Tippers and to the junction.


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