Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gauldry to Newton Farm/Sandford

Route Points: Crawford Avenue, Gauldry, Sandford and Newton Farm, Wormit
Route Type: Narrow PAth, Field Edge (Optional Wood section), Field, Farm Road (steep)
Access Type: Right of Way

Access points:
Gauldry: At the top of the "Gutchers" there is a path leading through hedges.
Newton: Follow signs for Newton Country Sports from the Road.
Sandford: On the road shortly after the start of the Sandford Drive there is a gate in the fence, access field through this, Scotways Fingerpost.

Newton is an active farm that hosts well Country Sports as well as animal and crop work. A section of the route passes the Landrover/Quad trails and Clay Pigeon Shooting areas.

At Gauldry where the Gutchers, Main Road and Crawford Avenue meet there is a path throguh hedges indicated by a Scotways finger post.
Follow this to a gate and enter the field. Pick route straight through field to woods depending on crops planted.
At woods a beaten trail is clearly visible, you can either enter the woods and make yourway across to the fence on the other side and then climb to the gate, or continue straight on (well around the fallen trees) at the clearing and then along the field edge to the gate.

There does appear to be a nubmer of trails for exploration in these woods.

Once through the wicket gate and into the field (this may contain livestock) follow the fence line to a farm gate. Going is very muddy here and the gate was almost bog like last time I attempted this.

Once through the gate there are 2 options, the first is to follow the tractor trails across the hill and to the lower gate, this takes you straight onto the Newton Farm Road.
THe other option is to continue along the top and follow the fence down to the far corner of the field, this will take you out to the Newton Farm Quad/Landrover tracks, from which you can make your way either down to the farm or down to Sandford.

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