Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gauldry to Kilmany

Route Points: Gauldry, Kilmany
Route Type: Farm Road
Access Type: Right of Way

Route Access:
In Gauldry follow the road in the village (rather than the main road) to the junction of Kilmany Road and Crawford Avenue. Although Kilmany road is the name of the road in the village (and signed) the track opposite really does go to Kilmany.

Kilmany: The road is on the "Local Access Only" junction on the other side of the A92 from the main village.

A steep hill on a rough farm road. It's fairly clear where to go when climbing, but not so when descending.
From the junction in Gauldry follow the road avoiding the branches off to the farm through the woods. This curves to the left before heading straight on past the woods and then starts to descend. A number of paths join the descent and there is a very rough sharp corner about mid way. Although you will spend most time descending in this direction there is a short sharp climb to negotiate just after you think the descent is complete, the reward is another sharp descent!


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