Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scotscraig to Newport Road Via Farm

Route Points: Washer Willy's Road, Top of Craig Road, Scotscraig Mains Farm, Newport Road
Route Type: EState Roads
Access Type: Land Reform Act

Route Access:
Washer Willy's road, at the corner before/after the Tayport end Junction, follow the estate road off the corner.
Top of Craig Road: From TAyport climb Craig Road from the Memorial Gates to the Mains
Newport Road: Just before/After the Ferryport Cemetery take the farm road on the Landward side of the road.

From the corner on the Washer Willy's Road climb the hill to SCotscraig Mains at the top of Craig Road, turn left towards the farm, at the Farm pass the sheds on the right and take the road between sheds. After a short climb descend to Newport Road

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