Thursday, November 10, 2011

Goods Yard Road, Wormit

Route Points: Wormit Farm, Tay Bridge
Route Type: Railway Estate Road
Access Type: Land Access 2003

Access points:
Wormit Farm: Road signed as Right of Way to Wormit Bay from Kilmany Road at the Farm, the Farm is no longer active although the shed is used, the route aroudn the farm may also be used.
Wormit Den: The field at Wormit Den has a path up to the road at the corner at the tunnel, this is the Right of Way route down to the Bay and over to Peacehill.
Tay Bridge: Follow Bay Road towards Wormit Bay, after the bridge there is 3 cottages and then a rough road. This is Goods Yard Road.

This road is the former road to the Goods Station and is part of the Railway estate, at present it is rough but may be tarred or even adopted in future.
Locals drive and walk on this road so care must be taken at the blind sections.

From Wormit Farm, the road drops to a tunnel under the railway, which leads to a blind 90 degree corner, this is also a junction as a number of routes onto wormit den can be accessed from here. Following road a short climb to a blind crest where the goods yard access is gated. On the other side of this crest is another path leading through a park to the bay.
The road passes a Bowling Club and is a slight downhill to Bay road from here.

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