Sunday, November 6, 2011

Balmerino to Birkhill House : Fife Coastal Path

Route Points: Balmerino, Byres, Thornton, Birkhill House
Route Type: Estate Road, Fife Coastal Path

Access Points:
Balmerino: From Balmerino Abbey Fife Coastal Path sign is present.
Birkhill House: Road has upper and lower access points on the Estate Driveway on Green Hill the upper starts at Home Farm while the lower starts at some cottages.

From Balmerino Abbey there are 2 access options.
The newly created Fife Coastal Path link starts directly across from the Abbey and leads up hill to Byres where it drops you onto the Road.
Alternativley you can climb the hill on the road, and turning right at the top follow the "Coach Road" a few meters before joining the estate road at Byers.

From Byers the road is clear all the way past Thornton to a Y junction at Birkhill, the Left fork takes you up to Home Farm on the estate's Greenhill drive and the lower to some cottages on the same drive.

Climbing the hill will take you to the road between Gauldry and Hazelton Walls, while the lower will take you down to the main drive just above the House.

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