Thursday, November 17, 2011

Forgan to Causewayhead via Easter Friarton

Route Points: Forgan, Easter Friarton, Causewayhead
Route Type: Farm Road
Access Type: Land Reform Act

Route Access:
Forgan: After passing the access to the new Forgan Cemetery and Leng Mausoleum a steep track to the North leads to Easter Friarton.

Causewayhead: There is no actual access to the route at this side due to the road leading to a farmyard, find a route round. Access is possible from Roseberry Hill.

Stiff Climb from the Forgan road to Easter Friarton on a good road onto rough track where the road leads to houses, follow rough track round behidn the houses and over to Roseberry Hill. From here access can be made to the Right of Way.
Follow track down hill and past a couple of tracks to right which may also lead to the Right of way.
Track leads into farm yard (Not covered by the land reform act) where large gate leads to public road.


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