Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wormit Bay to Balmerino : Fife Coastal Path

Route Points: Wormit Bay, Balmerino
Route Type: Right of Way, Fife Coastal Path

Route Access:
Wormit: From Wormit bay follow retaining wall to small outcrop of rocks, Scottish Right of Way Society sign pointing route to Balmerino.

Balmerino: At Abbey follow road to shore, Scottish Right of Way Sociaety pointing route to Wormit

Route Description:
This route has been upgraded recently as part of the Fife Coastal Path work.
From Wormit end tramped path climbs through hedges following shore line to field, path is narrow but clear through fields which may contain Cows, before retuning to a trmaped path through woods.
Some steps have been built as part of upgrade as well as new woodland planted.  Path diverges nearer Balmerino with narrow path following the old route but is very narrow with steep drop. New route rejoins this after steps with access to Kirkton of Balmerino. Path emerges to houses at a slipway.
Pass between houses and shore line picking up path on other side that follows retaining wall to the road at Balmerino, climb hill to Abbey.

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