Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kedlock Feus to Rathillet

Route Points: Kilmany to Cupar Road at Kedlock Feus, Rathillet to Cupar Road.
Route Type: Overgrown Tractor Trail
Access Type: Land Reform Act

Route Access:

Kedlock Feus: Slightly down hill of the Kedlock Feus junction there is a farm trail leading towasrds Kedlock Feus.

Rathillet: Climbing the hill pass the Darklaw road on the left and then follow the next farm access on the Left. a trail is visible between walls at a corner on the farm road, pick this up for the trail.

A very overgrown route when I tried it and there is also farm roads in the area that link up with this.

From the Kilmany to Cupar road pick up the rough farm track until it divergest to the left into Kedlock Feus, here the trail goes straight on through the trees (althrough you can go round this via the farm) on grass, the trail from the farm rejoins on the left in a few meters and this trial continues on the grass until it joins a farm trail at a left hand bend. Follow the farm trail to the road or follow the field edges up Darklaw.


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