Thursday, November 17, 2011

Woodhaven to St Fort Home farm

Route Points: Woodhaven (Former Shopping basket shop), St Fort Home Farm
Route Type: Path and Rough Estate Roads
Access Type: Right of Way

Route Access:
Woodhaven: At St Fort Road a path leads up the hill beside the old shop on the corner.
St Fort Home Farm: At the farm follow the mainline road towards wormit a path leading into Northwood is gated on the right, followed by a road to the right, follow this road to Woodhaven.

Follow the path up the hill from Woodhaven, this eventually comes to Ericht Road although I can't remember the route at Woodhaven Terrace exactly. Sticking to the path between the village and the fields over a stile a stiff climb through a wooded path eventually leads onto a rough road over the hill to St Fort, it gets progressivly better as you near the main road throguh the farm, at the T Junction turn Left towards the farm (Turning right will return you to Flass road at Flass Cottage, or Wormit Farm)


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