Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birkhill Estate Greenhill Drive and Mountquhanie Farm

Route Points: Field Access at GR NO34702265 and Mountquahnie Farm NO34682139
Route Type: Rough path through forest, field and woodland road

Access points:
Field Access a short distance in the Gauldry Direction from Greenhill Drive
Mountquhanie Farm on A92 to Hazelton Road.

From the top of the Greenhill drive on Birkhill Estate, turn left onto the Gauldry to Hazelton Road, after a short climb there is a field access on the right just past the summit, enter this field and follow the edge in the Gauldry direction ignoring the clearing to the right.  After  a short distance a path through gorse land can be seen, this is a tough climb but is doable and eventually takes you to a broken wooden bridge over a culvert, shortly after this you emerge at the edge of Lews wood.
There isn't much in the Lews wood or either Covert, lift bike over fence into field and follow track in either direction or climb to trig point near summit of Tay Mount.

The road shown through the woodland on the Explorer does not appear to exist however the road down to Stirton does, pick this up in field and at bottom of the dip turn right onto the road through Lewes wood, this is fairly sticky but eventually emerges on to a short rough downhill road to Mountquhanie farm. Either use road to return to Hazelton and Birkhill, descend to Rathillet or cross into Mountquhanie estate.

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