Sunday, November 6, 2011

Balmerino to Birkhill House : Birkhill Low Wood

Route Points: Balmerino Abbey, Birkhill House
Route Type: Woodland Trails, Estate Waymarked

Access Points:
Balmerino: Enter the farmyard across from the Abbey and go round the Shed, a slight path is visible entering the field.
Birkhill House: On the Greenhill drive near the junction with the main drive pass between cottages and paddock and follow rought path.

At Balmerino Abbey cross road and enter farm yard with large barn, go either side of barn and find path into field.  This path is clearer when cropped, follow for short distance before path leaves field edge and enters woodland down steep single track path.

Path is clear for a distance before changing to woodland floor, shore is visible here however and some estate waymarking is present. Path climbs following red markets on posts (with some contradictory wooden signs) crossing bridges and culverts to a rough path around the gardens and between cottage and paddock emerging onto the Greenhill Drive.

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