Friday, January 6, 2012

Old Higham to Newburgh

Route Points: Old Higham, A912 near Newburgh

Route Type: Quagmire Path

Access Type: Right of Way, Fife Coastal Path

Route Access:
Old Higham: Follow either coastal path or Rights of way to here and follow sign to Newburgh

Newburgh: I'm not entirley sure here, I followed a path to the A912, but there was no Scotways sign at the junction. IT may actually be signed from Parkhill.
So check the map, but basically there's a farm road to the left off the road on the way out of newburgh here:

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Or at Parkhill here:

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Since google have been along this road I can show you where it's sensible to come out onto the road rather than trudge even further through the fields following the right of way arrows:

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From Old Higham the path is quite solid and runs comfortably to some trees where you get a nice wee bit of single track through the trees. Unfortuantely this then dumps you in a steep sided field that you have to traverse, there are some solid paths across them but due to the steepness and narrowness not great to be trying to pedal along, this gets you down to a gate where you enter a flatter but saturated field which you will squdige throguh for a long while before finally reaching park hill. The right of way arrows take you alongside the woods and then down onto the Parkhill Farm road near to the main road, it's a waste of time following this though, just get onto the Parkhill Farm road ASAP and then follow that either to the A912 if you are heading for Lindores or to the coastal road if you are going back on it or heading into the village.


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