Friday, January 6, 2012

Aytounhill to Old Higham

Route Points: Aytounhill, Glenduckie, Old Higham

Route Type: Path, Farm Road, Estate Road

Access Type: Right of Way, Fife Coastal Path, Land Reform

Route Access:
Aytounhill: At cottages follow road onto path
Glenduckie: 2 options,
1) Go east from farm, and follow Coastal PAth up hill
2) Follow Right of way to Old Higham (See Ballinbreich - Glenduckie)
Old Higham: Access from Newburgh (Newburgh - Old higham) or Ballinbreich (Ballinbreich - Glenduckie)

There are a number of routes covered by this description:

1) The coastal Path
Follow the coastal path route from Aytounhill cottages along the field edge and onto the farm road, at the gate turn right following the coastal path up the hill, and through another gate, keep climbing taking the left route at an unmarked fork (right just takes you to a field) and then on to an unmarked T junction! You should go right here but I went left, going left leads to a wee loop at the top of the hill where you could go over the deer fence into the woods if you really wanted to.
So anyway turn right at this T and follow the road until the crossing with the Ballinbreich - Glenduckie right of way. Take the gate straight ahead and struggle along the field edge until you get to a set of cottages which is Old Higham.

2) The Shortcut
You can cut out the oxbow round the field by going straight on at the bottom of the wee hill after the cottages, this will drop you a fair distance up the hill.

3) Right of ways from Glenduckie
There are 2 right of ways you can use from Glenduckie, the first is signed to Ballinbreich and takes you to the cross-paths.
While the other (to be explored) is signed as Old Higham.
These are signed by Scotways from the public road at the village.


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