Friday, January 6, 2012

Norman's Law to Ayton

Route Points: Ayton
Route Type: Private forestry road
Access Type: Right of Way, Fife Coastal Path
Route Access:
Ayton: From Aytoun take the left hand road up the hill.
Norman's Law: Road is the gated road seen just off the farm road. It will probably have a "Woodlands for sale" sign on it.

From Norman's law farm road go across the sticky grass and round the gate and start climbing on a rather sticky forestry road, it's not too steep a climb in this direction and eventually you find a steep descent on a road that manages to be both sticky and slidey! Eventually you will have to either stop or do an incredibly fast slalom past the bottom gate. I wouldn't recommend the latter as you have to go well off road.

The road is fairly level for a while before another short descent at Aytonhill, to the right you can follow the coastal path (or short cut) towards newburgh.

Continuing the descent takes you down to the A92 or if you don't miss the turn you can cut back along to Luthrie via Denhead. (To be explored)


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