Friday, January 6, 2012

Ayton to Glenduckie

Route Points: Ayton, Glenduckie
Route Type: Farm track, path
Access Type: Right of Way, Fife coastal Path and Land Reform
Route Access:
Ayton: At village point bike up hill
Glenduckie: From farm head East on farm road

From Aytoun Climb the hill but take the first fork left to some houses, past the last house a small path drops to a junction where a path leads straight on (See Aytoun to Old Higham) while the coastal path goes left along a field edge, take the field edge down to a farm road which leads to a junction where the coastal path goes right. (See Aytoun to Old Higham for this as well) Go left on the farm road which leads to Glenduckie farm and village


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