Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wormit Hill

Route Points:
Flass Cottage, Various points in Wormit, Wiormit Farm

Route Type:
Single Track

Access Type:
Outdoor Access Rights

Route Access:
Wormit Farm : Follow the Right of Way from the Farm towards St Fort, instead of turning up the footpath continue into field and follow the path going up the steep hill.

Top of Mount Stewart Road : Just climb the hill on the road and then keep going into the field, pick up the trail up the hill.

Path Behind Hillpark Terrace: Around the Hillpark Crescent houses there is a steep path (hike a bike) up through a fence and then up into the field on wormit hill where the paths are clear.

Flass Cottage: Either from St Fort or from Flass Road in wormit (pass through gates at the cottage) there is a narrow path visible just before/after the cottage, alternatively there are other accesses onto the hill closer to St Fort.

Heading in from St Fort, just as the cottage becomes visible you will see a narrow trail off to the left, pick up this through the bushes and just keep going on the main line, most other trails lead to houses, but you will eventually come to a clear divide after a narrow dip, going right will take you down to the path behind Hillpark Cresent while heading up the hill takes you along the top of the hill to the field that leads down to Mount Stewart road. If you keep to the top you will eventually find a narrow gap in a dykes, go through here and follow the path sharply downhill, this picks up the right of way between Wormit farm and St Fort.


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